Dr. Scott Hammontree

Family Business Coaching

Mixing family and business can be very complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

My Family Business Coaching services can help you manage boundaries and the dynamic relationships inherent in family businesses. Additionally, you can improve communication and decision-making so your family business thrives across generations.

Relationships are the heart of every family business.

A family business is about more than making money. It allows you to maintain a connection across family members and generations, embrace family values, and support each other.

However, mixing family and business is complicated. It has all the potential issues that every family unit deals with PLUS all the potential issues that businesses have to cope with combined.

Sometimes family businesses can struggle to deal with changes within the business and the family, such as:

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or destructive to your family or your business.

Family Business Coaching helps you navigate the unique challenges of a family-owned business.

Running a business takes hard work, dedication, and engaged employees and leadership.

For family-run businesses, sometimes the roles and relationship dynamics can blur — especially between generations.

Some common challenges that family-owned businesses face may include:

Fortunately, Family Business Coaching provides the guidance, support, insights, and skills to help you address any conflicts or difficulties arising within your family business.

My Family Business Coaching is tailored to fit your business’s unique needs.

As a licensed counselor with a specialty in leadership, I understand the importance of helping you navigate the various relationship dynamics that arise in a family-owned business.

For over 30 years, I’ve helped family-owned businesses work through the challenges facing them and their business.

Additionally, I understand what it takes to run a growing business. As executive director of a thriving counseling center that grew to employ 100 individuals, I have personal experience on how to ensure the structure, positions, and hierarchy also adjust to fit the business’s new needs.

I provide a safe, confidential, and judgment-free environment where you can freely discuss your concerns, thoughts, and problems.

My direct, compassionate approach helps us identify and work through the issues efficiently.

My Family Business Coaching helps with:

Succession Planning

Transition your family business to the next generation without causing disruptions to the business or personal relationships.

I work with you and your leadership team to:

two professional women working together
A man smiling as he shakes hands with another person

Resolving Conflicts

All businesses have conflicts. But the complex relationship dynamics in a family business can make working through conflicts and misunderstandings challenging.

I work with you to:

Leadership & Management Skills

Having strong, thoughtful leadership and management can help ensure the family business continues for future generations.

I work with you to:

an elderly tailor

Strengthen your business and your family relationships with Family Business Coaching.

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